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Wed Nov 15 13:21:17 CET 2017

I wasn't trying to side-step the issue.  The Intel-based system that I
tried this on just doesn't have Linux installed (it's a Windows machine)
and I only moved over the hard drive with the Genode build on it to attempt
the boot.  At some point I will need to run Linux on that machine but I had
other more pressing goals from my boss (specifically to find out if USB can
be used) to try to get through before getting Linux on and checking this.

Something that may be of interest, however, is when I have been sifting
through the Linux AHCI driver source code I found a
comment in the code regarding the AMD controllers at line 409:
/* AMD is using RAID class only for ahci controllers */
This may have something to do with the Genode AHCI driver not working on
AMD controllers and might help lead in the right direction for a resolution.


On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 3:08 AM, Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...>

> Hi Chris,
> On 09.11.2017 21:56, Chris Rothrock wrote:
> > Unfortunately the BIOS configuration on this machine does not have any
> > options to change (or even see) the actual mode the SATA controller is
> > in so this path is a bust.  To change track, but still try to load from
> > a block device, how can I use a USB flash drive as a block device to
> > store the .VDI image on and read from rather than the SATA
> > controller/hard drive?
> you may take a look at 'repos/dde_linux/run/'.
> That said, the intermediate outcome of the current discussion is rather
> disappointing from my point of view as you ignored important parts of
> Christian's Helmuth's posting (such as providing the output of lspci),
> which would have helped us to better understand the situation and
> possibly improve Genode. By merely attempting to side-step issues
> ("change tracks"), there is hardly any chance to learn from the issue at
> hand and, thereby, no benefit for the community at large.
> Regards
> Norman
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