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Mon Mar 27 15:54:49 CEST 2017

Hello Arun,

thanks for your introduction and your interest in Genode!

The SAFEnet topic is quite challenging because none of the regular
Genode developers is acquainted with it. I added it to the challenges
page after a talk at this year's FOSDEM [1] caught my interest. In
contrast to most other topics of the list, there exists no tangible plan
of how to approach it. So we cannot provide concrete instructions of
what to do. We still figured that - for someone who already has profound
insights into SAFEnet, and who enjoys explorative work on both an
architectural and an implementation level - the topic would be an
intriguing playground.


If you decide to go forward, your proposal should present a concrete
plan towards a prototype scenario that showcases how Genode ought to
interact with SAFEnet. The interesting questions are:

* Which software components must be made available on Genode? What
  are their requirements and how difficult is the porting work?
  Are there any missing gaps in Genode? E.g., should the SAFEnet
  implementation be written in JAVA, it won't make sense to start
  working on the SAFEnet topic before porting OpenJDK to Genode first.

* Pick one feature of SAFEnet and draft a Genode scenario that
  showcases its use with Genode. The goal of the GSoC project will be
  to implement the scenario and thereby to lay the groundwork for the
  future exploration of further functionality. E.g., one idea would be
  a Genode ROM service that fetches ROM modules as files from SAFEnet.
  But there are certainly other and possibly more exciting ideas. ;-)

* The proposal should describe how the project could potentially
  contribute not only to Genode but also to the goals of SAFEnet.
  Ideally, bringing both projects together won't be a one-way street
  but would have a cross-pollinating effect.


On 27.03.2017 09:13, Arun Kumar wrote:
> Hi Mentors for GSOC,
> My name is Arunkumar Ravichandran. I have been admitted to masters
> program in communications engineering at Univ of California, San
> Diego. I currently live in Chennai, India. I would love to work on a
> Genode project under the FOSDEM organization in GSOC 2017.
> I would like to work on this project: integrating support for the SAFE
> network as a Genode component.
> Already in Genode, all the components are provided access using the
> capabilities. Similarly SAFENET tries to achieve the same using the
> access tokens.
> Could you please provide the scope/requirement for this implementation.
> Based on this, i can respond back with the design for implementing
> SAFEnet in Genode.
> Thanks,
> Arun

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