AMT SOL on Lenovo X250

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Wed Mar 15 21:19:38 CET 2017

Hello Martijn,

On 03/14/2017 04:31 PM, Martijn Verschoor wrote:
> Dear subscribers of the Genode mailinglist,
> After some help by Christian Prochaska I managed to setup AMT SOL on Lenovo X250. I thought I’d share my experience because there are some pitfalls of which I was unaware.
> On older systems like the Lenovo X201, you had to enable Legacy Redirection Mode for SOL to work. Unfortunately for the X250  this option is no longer available in the AMT <Ctrl-P> boot menu. Instead you can use wsman to set the ‘ListenerEnabled’ flag of the AMT_RedirectionService to true, and SOL will be available.
> Please note that you cannot run wsman on the machine that you're trying to configure. wsman connects to the amt interface of the target machine and the amt interface is not accessible from the machine itself.
> So, on another machine, make sure you have installed wsman:

As an alternative one can also use the amtc tool [1]. It supports the
modification of a very limited number of settings of which SOL is one:

$ amtc -M sol=on -d <target machine>


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