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well, just because both boards Wandboard and i.MX 6Q Sabre Lite are
using the same system-on-chip (SoC) does not mean they are identical. So
if you are hesitant to start instrumenting the startup code, e.g., via
additional log() calls, you can at least compare the high level
description of the boards. One main issue is which memory slots are used
by which board, and which UART within the SoC is used for the serial
line connector of the board.

One thing that was striking me first when looking at high-level
description of the Sabre Lite board is that is has just 1 GB of RAM,
whereby the Wandboard has 2 GB. This is obviously an issue. When
lowering the RAM size for your setup you potentially will get one step
ahead. But if they are using different UARTs you will not see any log
message anyway. In that case you have to check whether both boards use
the same UART.


On 03/01/2017 08:28 PM, Yevgeny Lavrov wrote:
> Hello
> Is there anything from Genode that I can try on i.MX6Q Sabre Lite
> development board? So far I've already attempted *log* image that I've
> obtained from compiling Genode for i.MX6 based Wandboard. The fastboot
> option that gets executed after *$ make run/log *resulted in nothing, so
> I've also tried to copy the created images onto SD Card and run them
> directly on the board.
> Steps:
> Once in u-boot prompt
> => fatload mmc 0 0x30000000 image.elf
> reading
> image.elf                                                                                                                
> 1716880 bytes read in 107 ms (15.3 MiB/s)
> => bootelf 0x30000000
> ## Starting application at 0x10001000 ...
> Then the terminal hangs w/o any output.
> Same thing happens when executing uImage
> => fatload mmc 0 0x30000000 uImage
> reading uImage
> 594679 bytes read in 48 ms (11.8 MiB/s)
> => bootm 0x30000000
> Terminal hangs once it reaches: Starting kernel ...
> Any suggestions on what's wrong?
> Thank you
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