GSoC 2017: Isochronous USB devices, guidance needed

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Thu Mar 2 10:50:46 CET 2017

Hello Tyler,

On 03/02/2017 01:20 AM, Tyler Jones wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am a Computer Science student in the US, and I am interested in the
> USB device work in Genode. I have experience with linux kernel USB device
> drivers, and am interested in the challenge of widening that knowledge
> with a separate and unique environment.
> I have spent some time trying to familiarise myself with the Genode
> code base and reading sections of the book, so I comfortable with how 
> the OS operates at a high level. However, I am uncertain with the most
> appropriate direction in tackling the problem. Any help with this would
> be greatly appreciated.

Basically, we imagine something like our 'usb_block' component
(repos/os/src/drivers/usb_block there is also a run script for testing
under repos/os/run/usb_block), just for isochronous devices (e.g,
external sound card or camera).

Our port of Linux's USB driver (repos/dde_linux) manages the USB host
controller(s) and offers an USB session (repos/os/include/usb_session),
which currently supports IRQ and BULK endpoints. Therefore, the session
interface would have to be extended to support isochronous requests, the
necessary support must be added to the USB driver's session
implementation, and a isochronous driver - lets say for an USB sound
card should be implemented or ported that communicates with the USB host
driver and offers a Genode audio session.



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