[GSoC] Rust bindings for the Genode API

Saurav Sachidanand sauravsachidanand at ...9...
Thu Mar 2 19:11:41 CET 2017

Hello Genode,

I'm Saurav Sachidanand, and I'm a CS sophomore studying in India. For
more than year I've been programming in Rust and have published some
personal projects in it (few involving the Rust-C FFI) and have
contributed a few patches to Servo (github.com/saurvs). I've also
played around a bit with kernel modules in NetBSD.

I'm interested in working on Rust bindings for the Genode API. I'm
also completely new to Genode, and so I'll spend time reading the
extensive documentation and the Genode Foundations book, and building
and running Genode, and will do independent research on the project.
I'd greatly appreciate any guidance and pointers regarding this

I'd also like to ask if a scripting language has been ported to
Genode. If not, I'd like to suggest working on porting Lua since it is
widely used as embeddable and extensible language, and has a
manageably-sized codebase so that it can be one half of a two part
GSoC project.


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