Native Android Application Execution in Genode (Dalvik VM / ART)

Alexy Gallardo Segura alexy at ...210...
Tue Jan 17 16:13:21 CET 2017


I am writing to consult everyone on a topic in the genode section
Challenges, in particular on the "Dalvik VM of Android natively in Genode". 
Norman Feske told me that currently Android also uses ART (Android runtime). 
Especially I have no preference, I'm only interested in running Android 
applications in GenodeOS.

I am interested in working on this topic, but I have some questions to ask.

Is anyone working on this topic? I reviewed the current issues but I did not 
Anything related.

Which would be better to incorporate to Genode Dalvik or ART, or any other 

Finally, if you have any suggestions on where to start the review first?


Alexy Gallardo Segura

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