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Chris Rothrock cgrothrock at ...9...
Thu Jan 19 18:05:13 CET 2017

There are two recipes that I was able to successfully compile and run in
Genode 16.08 that are no longer working with Genode 16.11 and was wondering
if I could get assistance to make them work in this version.  The default
make run/demo works fine for me but if I try using the make run/demo with
the Nova kernel I get an error "Error: target 'drivers/usb' does not

Also, I am trying to run the recipe for virtualbox (using Nova hypervisor)
and this worked with Genode v16.08 but now I can't make this recipe.  The
port libiconv is required but I get an error trying to prepare_port on this
one (Error: Hash sum check for libiconv failed).  I also tried to update
the hash (./tool/port/update_hash libiconv) but this didn't work.

Any assistance on these two issues would be appreciated.



Thank You,

Chris Rothrock
Senior System Administrator
(315) 308-1637
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