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Wed Jan 11 11:15:48 CET 2017


> The TL;DR is that if coreboot can execute Linux from flash and
> bypass the BIOS, MBR, and UEFI, then the TCB of the boot process
> shrinks. The boot process can also be measured with and verified
> with a TPM.

this is certainly an interesting direction to explore! I agree that we
have to eventually overcome our current dependency from the legacy
multi-boot method. Your ambition is one extreme end of the spectrum.
Another topic would be the support for UEFI boot.

As a further addition to our road map with respect to my goal for a
long-term supportable version 17.05, I would like to add a tool-chain
update. It is sensible to update it before this point so the longer-term
maintenance will be based on the same tool chain as used by the ongoing
development for about 18-24 months (which is our typical interval for
tool-chain updates).

>From the updated tool chain, I hope to get the following benefits:

* Support for C++14, C++17
* Better support for reproducible builds
* The uniform definition of 'size_t' as 'unsigned long' to
  harmonize the ABIs of C++ libraries like Qt5 across 32/64-bit
  architectures (this will be specific to Genode's tool chain)
* Tighter integration of the tool chain with Genode's ports
  mechanism and build system. (right now, we use a separate
  tool-chain creation script, which does not ensure that the
  used tool chain matches the Genode version)


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