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Mon Jan 9 15:56:16 CET 2017


My personal roadmap was written on a sleepless night before 33C3,
not a great idea as I expected that I would probably would have
alterations after congress, so here is an ammendment.

I still haven't made it through my list of talks to watch at home
but the talk of most immediate interest to me was 'Bootstraping a
slightly more secure laptop' -

The TL;DR is that if coreboot can execute Linux from flash and
bypass the BIOS, MBR, and UEFI, then the TCB of the boot process
shrinks. The boot process can also be measured with and verified
with a TPM.

My though of course was that the same could be done with Genode,
so another project I would like to work on this year is to
replace some of the legacy bootstrapping stages on my laptop.
This will be a piecemeal path, replacing GRUB, interoptibilty
with coreboot, and maybe some TPM support. I plan to work
cautiously and no more than one step ahead of what I can
actually boot with.

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