About GPU support on ARM platforms

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Thu May 19 22:09:00 CEST 2016

Hi Genode community

I'm working with Exynos4 and RPi, both ARM platforms. I'm interested to 
use the GPU on both platforms to enconde/decode video.
Is somebody working on ARM GPU drivers, or have worked on it?

I'm using basically FiascoOC as microkernel, but if i use Linux as base 
kernel, how i can use the linux device driver through GenodeOS?
So that the applications developed have a minimum kernel dependencies, 
allowing later the replacement of the linux kernel by FiascoOC 
microkernel, when the device driver is implemented.

Best regards

Lic. Reinier Millo Sánchez
Centro de Estudios de Informática
Universidad Central "Marta Abreu" de Las Villas
Carretera a Camajuaní Km 5 1/2
Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba
CP 54830

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