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Hello Reinier,

On 05/19/2016 10:09 PM, Reinier Millo Sánchez wrote:
> Hi Genode community
> I'm working with Exynos4 and RPi, both ARM platforms. I'm interested to
> use the GPU on both platforms to enconde/decode video.
> Is somebody working on ARM GPU drivers, or have worked on it?

Not that I know of anybody, but it would be definitely great when you do
so :-).

> I'm using basically FiascoOC as microkernel, but if i use Linux as base
> kernel, how i can use the linux device driver through GenodeOS?
> So that the applications developed have a minimum kernel dependencies,
> allowing later the replacement of the linux kernel by FiascoOC
> microkernel, when the device driver is implemented.

I'm afraid there is no option right now to easily develop the driver on
top of Linux and then to switch to a different kernel. In contrast to
"normal" components that do not touch hardware resources directly, the
device drivers have to access memory mapped I/O registers, and need to
be informed and acknowledge interrupts. There is no concept right now to
have these resources available in Genode running on top of Linux.
Although it would be interesting to follow that path, e.g., one could
mmap the relevant MMIO regions using '/dev/kmem'. Anyway, currently
there is no support for this. So you will have to develop natively on
one of the microkernels like Fiasco.OC, or our own HW kernel.


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