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> That said I would be happy if Go worked, but to me it would be too
> much effort to port enough of the standard library to make Genode a
> viable platform for a lot of existing Go programs. I came to Go
> from Plan 9 and think it would hard to leverage the flexibilty of
> Genode with a language so strongly influenced by unix.

whereas I don't know whether or not Go would be good language to write
Genode components in, I think that the ability to run Go programs
directly on Genode would be very interesting. For example, the custom
applications by Inversepath (e.g., for file encryption) for the USB
Armory are written in Go. Right now, we need to run them on top of
Linux on the USB Armory. With Genode supporting Go directly, we could
eventually move those applications to the Genode world.

On a technical level, I have a question though: As far as I know, the
Go tool chain produces statically-linked binaries. Is this mandatory
or is it possible to produce position-independent code (to be loaded
by a dynamic linker) as well? I ask because I'm planning to move
Genode's kernel-specific code into the dynamic linker and keep the
actual applications and libraries kernel-agnostic. If Go executables
must always be statically linked, this concept wouldn't work for such
programs, which would be unfortunate.


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