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Hello again,

Norman thank you for this insight.

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> Hello,
> > That said I would be happy if Go worked, but to me it would be too
> > much effort to port enough of the standard library to make Genode a
> > viable platform for a lot of existing Go programs. I came to Go
> > from Plan 9 and think it would hard to leverage the flexibilty of
> > Genode with a language so strongly influenced by unix.
> whereas I don't know whether or not Go would be good language to write
> Genode components in, I think that the ability to run Go programs
> directly on Genode would be very interesting. For example, the custom
> applications by Inversepath (e.g., for file encryption) for the USB
> Armory are written in Go. Right now, we need to run them on top of
> Linux on the USB Armory. With Genode supporting Go directly, we could
> eventually move those applications to the Genode world.
> On a technical level, I have a question though: As far as I know, the
> Go tool chain produces statically-linked binaries. Is this mandatory
> or is it possible to produce position-independent code (to be loaded
> by a dynamic linker) as well? I ask because I'm planning to move
> Genode's kernel-specific code into the dynamic linker and keep the
> actual applications and libraries kernel-agnostic. If Go executables
> must always be statically linked, this concept wouldn't work for such
> programs, which would be unfortunate.

This is exactly why I needed to ask.
It is possible since 1.5 version via "-buildmode=c-shared" flag. It can
even export packages as static libraries as well as shared objects that can
be linked into C programs.
Gccgo on the other hand has had a limited corresponding option.

Unfortunately I'd need to build 1.4 version first so that it could
cross-compile later versions (1.6 is current). Since 1.5 version of Golang
most of C code has been replaced by go code.

I'll see if I can make a couple of tests during the weekend and will get
back to y'all.

> Cheers
> Norman
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