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Sun Jan 17 06:55:45 CET 2016

I have a Dell Latitude 6430u (i7-3687U, 8GB RAM, ~250GB SSD), and
everything except the sound works. Also, feel free to ask for help with
configuration, since the Turmvilla run script assumes you have a specific
partition configuration and a VirtualBox machine configured to run on
Genode. I found setting up the VM fairly awkward, but I can send you my VM
(and Genode configuration too, if you'd like), using Google Drive.

On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 8:13 PM, Peter Lindener <lindener.peter at ...9...>

> Norman and fellow Genodeians,
>    I'm pretty much ready to hop into the Genode turmvila scenario,  But it
> would be great to do so on a more capable (higher screen res) laptop...
> It would be great if there was full agreement at which fairly modern Laptop
> will be the next to be fully supported by Turmvila....
>    That is, it would be crazy to try to support all to many.... So if you
> folks can agree on a Model I'll make a point of acquiring the same.
>     My vote would be for a Dell XPF_13  or XPF_15... but I'm flexible...
> just let me know what Laptop I should order for doing Genode development
> ??....   and I'm in... !!!...
>    as a side note I will also plan on working with Genode on Zynq 7000 via
> SnickerDoodle <>...
> so I'm jazzed...may my fellow Genodians have a good year!!
>     -Peter
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