Genode + Novena (was Re: Roadmap 2016)

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Fri Jan 8 00:44:45 CET 2016

Thanks for the offer - I could get a Novena - but time (and experience with 
tricky hardware problems) is more difficult to acquire ;)

Just looking at the sources now, I see that the only framebuffer driver 
written for iMX has been for the iMX53 - doing a quick search leads me to 
think that the IPU on the iMX6 is a very similar interface 

Have you tried playing with the framebuffer driver? I imagine quite a few 
other things don't work (USB for sure, but probably ethernet as well?)

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7. Jan 2016 23:29 by 166291 at ...9...:

> On Thu, Jan 07, 2016 at 10:47:52PM +0000, Vladimir Lushnikov wrote:
>> I don't have a Novena but other i.MX6 hardware - I haven't looked at 
>> running
>> Genode + a GUI on it yet though. So maybe that's a good h/w target outside 
>> of
>> the x86 world.
> I have a Novena as my main machine now, so if you need testing for it I'be 
> happy
> to do so and provide feedback.
> If we're talking about cool things microkernels can do, I'd say the fact 
> you can
> get low level hardware access with minimum overhead for drivers in user 
> space,
> and through paravirtualization have a system almost as fast as bare metal.
> It'd be interesting to see high-level languages used to write drivers (this 
> is
> mentioned a bit in the 2015 roadmap with Haskell) rather than something 
> like C.
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