Roadmap 2016

Jookia 166291 at ...9...
Fri Jan 8 00:29:05 CET 2016

On Thu, Jan 07, 2016 at 10:47:52PM +0000, Vladimir Lushnikov wrote:
> I don't have a Novena but other i.MX6 hardware - I haven't looked at running 
> Genode + a GUI on it yet though. So maybe that's a good h/w target outside of 
> the x86 world.

I have a Novena as my main machine now, so if you need testing for it I'be happy
to do so and provide feedback.

If we're talking about cool things microkernels can do, I'd say the fact you can
get low level hardware access with minimum overhead for drivers in user space,
and through paravirtualization have a system almost as fast as bare metal.

It'd be interesting to see high-level languages used to write drivers (this is
mentioned a bit in the 2015 roadmap with Haskell) rather than something like C.

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