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Thu Feb 11 11:06:09 CET 2016

Hi Paulo,

On 02/10/2016 05:30 PM, Paulo wrote:
> Hi Sebastian,
> Thanks for the feedback.
>> Currently Genode outputs some error messages that might be misleading,
>> but are necessary for us developers. "Quota exceeded!" is one of them.
>> This means the configured component or program memory quota in Genode's
>> 'config' file does not suffice, such a program will then ask its parent
>> (in this case 'init') for more memory, which is successful in your case
>> ('upgrading quota donation').
> Ok, I didn't notice the "upgrading quota", that does make sense.
>> One can configure 'fb_sdl' via a ROM file and there are many ways to
>> provide one. Nevertheless, this 'config' is not mandatory and 'fb_sdl'
>> will also function without it. So, I can see no problems in the Log you
>> provided. Therefore, I will attach a working output. Please let me know
>> at what point your output differs. Also, what Linux version are you
>> using in your VirtualBox setup? Information about the distribution,
>> kernel version, and if it is 32 or 64 bit helps us a lot.
>>> Also, I can't seem to find instructions for building an ISO. Is that
>>> possible?
>> Yes, add '--include image/iso' to the 'RUN_OPT' variable in
>> <your-builddir>/etc/build.conf The ISO will in your case be located under
>> <your-builddir>/var/run/demo.iso
> I'm using ubuntu 15.10 (I didn't see the suggestion to use an LTS
> version in time). I'm using the 15-05 genode fundations pdf as a
> guide, particularly page 27. I probably need to read some more to get
> a better grasp of some concepts, but meanwhile please bear with me. I
> did:
> ./tool/ports/prepare_port nova && ./tool/ports/prepare_port x86emu
> ./tool/create_builddir nova_x86_64 &&  cd build/nova_x86_64
> sed -r 's/^#(REPOSITORIES.*libports)/\1/g' -i etc/build.conf
> (cd ../../repos/libports && make prepare) # as suggested on etc/build.conf
> make run/demo
> The iso file is created at this point, and I'm able to boot the VM
> with it and see the demo in action, but qemu refuses to run (please
> see the attached full  output), because:
> spawn qemu-system-x86_64 -no-kvm -cpu core2duo -m 256 -serial
> mon:stdio -cdrom var/run/demo.iso
> Could not initialize SDL(No available video device) - exiting

> What is the "No available video device" about? I can do `startx` and
> get lxde running, so I don't think it's a virtualbox "hardware" issue.
> What step am I missing?

Qemu requires SDL for the display. Please add:

QEMU_OPT += -sdl

to your build.conf file that should fix the issue.

> By the way, the `make prepare` for libports is only suggested in
> etc/build.conf; it might be helpful to include it on the instructions
> for the "simple system scenario" on the book.

Thanks for the suggestion,


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