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Sat Feb 6 09:34:21 CET 2016

Hi Paulo,

On 02/04/2016 04:04 PM, Paulo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to get the genode demo to run on Virtualbox, from a windows
> server 2012 box.
> I've been to the (awesome) Sunday talk at FOSDEM and the prospect of
> getting genode running on my personal laptop is really exciting, but I'd
> like to try it on a VM first. I realise genode is "focused on extending
> the community of users" on 2016, which is great news for me.

Yes and thanks.

> I've managed to make run/demo, but it halts after a few "Quota
> exceeded!", and can't even run the config module.
> I realize I must be missing some quite basic detail, but I've been
> looking for answers on the Genode Foundations book, on the website and
> on Google, and so far I'm still feeling a bit lost.
> make run/demo (cropped) output:
> spawn ./core
> Genode 15.11-106-g2a698ff
> int main(): --- create local services ---
> int main(): --- start init ---
> int main(): transferred 17592186044415 MB to init
> int main(): --- init created, waiting for exit condition ---
h> [init] Could not open ROM session for module "
> Quota exceeded! amount=24576, size=4096, consumed=24576
> [init] upgrading quota donation for Env::CPU (8192 bytes)
> Quota exceeded! amount=32768, size=4096, consumed=32768
> [init] upgrading quota donation for Env::CPU (8192 bytes)
> Quota exceeded! amount=40960, size=4096, consumed=40960
> [init] upgrading quota donation for Env::CPU (8192 bytes)
> [init -> fb_sdl] Could not open ROM session for module "config"
> [init -> fb_sdl] Could not obtain config file
> Can anyone shed some light or point me to the right part of the
> documentation?

Currently Genode outputs some error messages that might be misleading,
but are necessary for us developers. "Quota exceeded!" is one of them.
This means the configured component or program memory quota in Genode's
'config' file does not suffice, such a program will then ask its parent
(in this case 'init') for more memory, which is successful in your case
('upgrading quota donation').

One can configure 'fb_sdl' via a ROM file and there are many ways to
provide one. Nevertheless, this 'config' is not mandatory and 'fb_sdl'
will also function without it. So, I can see no problems in the Log you
provided. Therefore, I will attach a working output. Please let me know
at what point your output differs. Also, what Linux version are you
using in your VirtualBox setup? Information about the distribution,
kernel version, and if it is 32 or 64 bit helps us a lot.

> Also, I can't seem to find instructions for building an ISO. Is that
> possible?

Yes, add '--include image/iso' to the 'RUN_OPT' variable in
<your-builddir>/etc/build.conf The ISO will in your case be located under

Thanks for trying,


> Thanks,
> /Paulo
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