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Tue Dec 27 01:47:16 CET 2016

Hello list,

My plans for the next year:


This next release will hopefully feature a more asynchronous VFS
library which can move a number of improvements at libc forward.
When the internals of libc settle and stabilize, I hope to make
performance improvements to libc for the sake of my next topic...

Package management

I had big hopes when I worked to port the Nix package manager to
Genode, but in reality sourced-based package management was not
economical when compared to native POSIX counterparts. However,
a fixed ABI across kernels is a game-changer. I would like to
combine this with asynchronous session requests and again
experiment with alternative package management flows.


This year I successfully compiled and executed Nim language code
for Genode, but next year I would like to take time to make proper
C++ glue between the Nim standard library and Genode. My motivation
is to port or build network applications written in a modern
langauge rather than rely on the BSD sockets API.


For me, gaming was the gateway drug to general purpose computing.
I would like to see Genode able to play the same role for the next
generation as DOS played for me. As a low priority task I hope to
work towards making a gaming console like system using the "lego"
composition technique. So a modular menuing system and maybe
integrating some package management. Now that I have the Libretro
API/ABI nearly supported, getting more games to run has been more
or less trivial.

Best wishes for 2017,
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