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Sat Dec 3 14:51:47 CET 2016

Hello Jerry,

> 1 more question at this juncture. Lighttpd seems hardwired to I
> can see how the host IP is set in the netperf scenario, how do I modify for
> Lighttpd?

you can add static IP settings to the <libc> config node of lighttpd,
for example:

  <libc stdin="/dev/null" stdout="/dev/log" stderr="/dev/log"
        ip_addr="" gateway="" netmask="">

If no such configuration is specified (as in the 'lighttpd.run' script),
the TCP/IP stack issues a DHCP request to obtain this information. The
IP address that you see is actually not hard-wired in the
Genode scenario but the response from Qemu's built-in DHCP server.

> I've only experimented with NOVA so far. The Seoul-fancy scenario, for
> example, boots and runs from the generated ISO on VMWare. The UI manager
> appears but I cannot get any of the consoles to run. Dosbox works as
> expected. 

Seoul relies in hardware virtualization support (VT). To run the
scenario inside a virtual machine, you need to make sure that your
virtual machine supports nested virtualization well. Alternatively, you
may try booting the image on a real machine. The easiest way is to dump
the ISO image to an USB stick via 'dd', and boot the machine from the
USB stick.


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