(New to Genode) A couple of questions ...

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Sun Dec 4 15:00:37 CET 2016

Hello Norman
> you can add static IP settings to the <libc> config node of lighttpd, for
> example:
>   <libc stdin="/dev/null" stdout="/dev/log" stderr="/dev/log"
>         ip_addr="" gateway="" netmask="">
>     ...
>   </libc>

Got it and I'll come back to this as I seem to be having more fundamental
> Seoul relies in hardware virtualization support (VT). To run the scenario
> a virtual machine, you need to make sure that your virtual machine
> nested virtualization well. Alternatively, you may try booting the image
on a
> real machine. The easiest way is to dump the ISO image to an USB stick via
> 'dd', and boot the machine from the USB stick.

Yes, this make sense. See my next set of questions :)

Thanks again.


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