(New to Genode) A couple of questions ...

g4 at ...461... g4 at ...461...
Sat Dec 3 13:50:41 CET 2016

Hello Norman

> this message is an assertion that we put in to prevent our automated tests
> exercise the netperf benchmarks on Qemu (we execute those on real
> hardware only). However, you can manually override this assertion.
> Please have a look at 'ports/run/netperf.inc', which is implicitly used by
> 'netperf_lxip.run' script you executed. ...
>   # setting environment variable FORCE_QEMU permits running netperf in
> qemu

Got it. Thanks.
> Unfortunately, I am unable to help out since I am unfamiliar with VMware.

No problem, my mistake here.  QEMU is piping serial to the console
automatically, the VMWare instance was _not_. When configured correctly, the
Genode stack looks to be running correctly.

1 more question at this juncture. Lighttpd seems hardwired to I
can see how the host IP is set in the netperf scenario, how do I modify for

> Just out of curiosity, have you tried booting any of the other kernels
> hw_x86_64, sel4_x86_32) in VMware?

I've only experimented with NOVA so far. The Seoul-fancy scenario, for
example, boots and runs from the generated ISO on VMWare. The UI manager
appears but I cannot get any of the consoles to run. Dosbox works as

Thanks again.


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