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Fri Oct 30 09:50:32 CET 2015


With the previous Turmvilla scenario, I wish to setup two virtualbox
sessions, one running LInux process and the other running Windows,
concurrently. I created a new Win7 subsystem, emulating the LInux
subsystem, with new vm_win7.vdi.

However, I could startup only one of each sessions from NOUX, either
Windows or Linux, but not both sessions at the same time. From CLI monitor,
I could see that RAM is allocated separately for both sessions. I suspect
some concurrency issue but could not find the issue.

I've attached the log from captured from NOUX.

Another issue I encountered is that the virtual box mouse pointer in the
WIndows session and the Nitpicker mouse pointer can't seem to merge
together unlike the Linux session where both pointers are merged.

Any advise.

Thanks in advance.
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