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On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 12:44:52AM +0200, Joseph Lee wrote:
> I am trying to test the techniques you mentioned about accessing a function
> of a Noux process from tz_vmm. I put a file in a ram_fs and allow access to
> both my noux process and tz_vmm. When i run the uImage, the file is
> accessed by the noux process successfully but the tz_vmm process can't
> access it.  Instead i got the following log message. what is missing?
>           init -> tz_vmm -> vmm: unresolved pagefault at ip=73930 sp=e01fcf28
>           core -> pager_ep: cannot submit unknown signal context

You again triggered a page fault, i.e., segmentation fault, maybe due
to an uninitialized pointer. To help you we should post your changes
to tz_vmm for ram_fs access to this list. Then, we may investigate.

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