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Wed Oct 7 12:00:34 CEST 2015

Hi Lonnie,

Since the download issue was resolved on the muen-dev mailing list [1],
I will answer the remaining question of running Genode/Virtualbox on Muen.

On 10/06/2015 08:12 PM, Lonnie Cumberland wrote:
> I want to play around with muen a bit, but would wonder if it might,
> eventually be possible to get virtualbox/genode/muen working since from
> what I have read on muen, that it still needs a bit of work to support
> other VM's beyond the simple xv6 VM which apparently was modified to make
> work (if I understand what was said in the
> Auguse 29, 2013 muen-report pdf document.

As stated in the exchange on the muen-dev list, the capabilities of Muen
have significantly increased in the past ~2 years, e.g. we support
Linux VMs and of course Genode/base-hw (see also [2][3]). An overview of
the main features is given on the project website [4].

> Any ideas on this?

Regarding the Virtualbox support: we are actually working on this as a
side project. While we are hopeful to get Genode with Virtualbox running
on top of Muen, I cannot give you an estimate when this line of work
will be concluded.


[1] -!topic/muen-dev/rL8SjFUeP-w
[2] -!topic/muen-dev/TFPsXHfV2zU
[3] -!topic/muen-dev/_HM6w9toM-Y
[4] -

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