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Vincent Digital vdigital3800 at ...9...
Wed Oct 7 03:23:51 CEST 2015

Hi, Can anyone help out. I'm trying to create the Turmvilla scenario on my
Lenovo X201 By following the setup file as compiled by at ...357...
I'm trying to understand these parts of the instructions, a bit confusing :
After creating the 3 partitions and installing the *Create the Linux VM*
*  - attach the 3 image files from the /genode directory *

*   >>> How do I attach the image files "linux.vdi" and "home.vmdk" to the
same Linux VM. "linux.vdi" is of 32 GB while   >>>"home.vmdk" is created
from /dev/sda2 (at the host disk) which is 60 GB. I tried to attach both
image files to the same   >>> SATA controller using the **storage settings
of the VM - is this correct ?*

* - add a permanent shared folder (for the generated Genode binaries)  -
start the VM  - install Linux  - if the Linux installer supports it, create
an encrypted /home partition on /dev/sdb *

*   >>> "/dev/sdb" refers to the partition within the Guest Linux VM that I
am installing ? Is it referring to the "home.vmdk" ?**   >>> How do I
specify /home on this partition /dev/sdb ? There are no options for input
of this folder name.*

*Appreciate if someone can help. Thanks so much.*
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