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Sun Oct 4 21:20:22 CEST 2015

Hello everyone,

The error message ``Device does not support native command queuing: abort''
is written repeatedly to the log when I try to read from a SATA disk using
the AHCI driver. Is this driver only meant to work with a SATA disk that
supports native command queuing (the HBA supports it)?

While looking at the code of the driver to determine the cause of the error
I noticed that:

1. In ahci.cc en main.cc the word `available' has been misspelt as

2. In ahci.h the bitfield that indicates support for native command queuing
in the HBA seems to be misspelt as `Sncg'. There is also a function with
the name `ncg' and this abbreviation is also used in the function `info'.

3. The struct `Identity' in ahci.h describes the structure of the result of
an ATA command. Is there a reason why this struct and the corresponding
function `identify_device' are not in the file `ata_driver.h'?

Best regards,

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