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Mon Nov 16 13:43:47 CET 2015

On Sun, Nov 15, 2015 at 09:57:03PM +0100, Emery wrote:
> I gave a talk on friday at a NixOS conference on saturday about the nix port,
> its very brief, and I may have mispoke in a nervous rush at times, but I got
> some good questions after the talk session was over. I even got a few questions
> about porting to the mill architecture from someone who already knew of the project.
> https://media.ccc.de/v/nixcon2015-8-en-Lightning_Ignite_talks_day_1#video&t=1366
> Starts at 12:40
> The palor trick at the end was silly, but it was something I came up with a hour
> or two before to show how generally the concepts can be applied.
> I have two days of sprint starting tomorrow with my nix guys, and then I plan to
> start on some documentation.
> Emery

Sounds absolutely fantastic! I don't know if I mentioned this but I've set up
and started learning (and hope to soon contribute more than a few patches to
NixOS) because of your work. I'm especially excited about documentation.

That talk was very impressive! I wasn't there to ask questions, so if you have
time I'd like to ask one or two here on the email list:

What's the scope of this? I see it being used for building applications to run
in Noux or DOSBox, are there plans to expand upon this and create some sort of
NixOS-type declarative system configuration for Genode? Could we, say, build
Nitpicker using it in the future and set up system policies through Nix
expressions? While GNU doesn't map quite that well to a tree, Genode does- You
mentioned something about recursion, but I'm not sure it was in the same
context. A feature I like in NixOS is the ability to run NixOS in a container
using the same declarative system, though I don't use it.

Perhaps a less major question is licensing. With any package manager packages
have licenses. It'd be nice to run a fully free Genode system in the future, so
will each derivation have a licensing attribute? On a more meta note, you've
said your work is available under the GPLv2 - will the documentation be put
under a similiarly free license, like GFDL with no invariants, GPL, CC-BY-SA,
CC-BY or CC-0?

I may be getting too ahead of things here by asking 'serious' questions.


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