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Mon Nov 16 19:08:51 CET 2015

On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 11:43:47PM +1100, Jookia wrote:
> What's the scope of this? I see it being used for building applications to run
> in Noux or DOSBox, are there plans to expand upon this and create some sort of
> NixOS-type declarative system configuration for Genode?

I would say that no, there are not plans, but only because I think its better to
experiment at this stage. But I have naturally started to use nix to build
configurations, so I have different convenience functions to build configs that
I use day to day. Eventually configurations should trigger builds though, just
like the nixos configuration system does. The DOSBox bit was in there because I
made a goal for myself to make something that was usable from DOS soley through
the VFS as proof-of-concept, but I have no intentions of making the DOS package
collection :)

> While GNU doesn't map quite that well to a tree, Genode does- You
> mentioned something about recursion, but I'm not sure it was in the same
> context.

I meant that in theory you could generate a derivation in the process of
generating a derivation, this is not possible with the Linux implementation
because of a few different issues. This is a pretty abstract issue that only
comes up rarely, I probably shouldn't have mentioned it without backing up
the claim.

> Perhaps a less major question is licensing. With any package manager packages
> have licenses. It'd be nice to run a fully free Genode system in the future, so
> will each derivation have a licensing attribute? On a more meta note, you've
> said your work is available under the GPLv2 - will the documentation be put
> under a similiarly free license, like GFDL with no invariants, GPL, CC-BY-SA,
> CC-BY or CC-0?

Yes, that would probably happen the same way as in nix-pkgs, with a meta attribute
attached to packages, when there is a wrapper over the Genode build system, there
will probably just be a little snippet on the entry function that would add the
Genode license to components. By documentation I just meant some informal stuff.

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