I2C / SPI drivers for the Raspberry Pi

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Wed May 27 20:21:13 CEST 2015

Hi Norman

Quoting Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...>:

I did a bit of planing on the over the last weekend. Attached you find the
document I wrote with all the informations How I think the drivers should
could interact with each other.

One question I have, is should the IoConfig service be integrated in to the
platform driver or a separate driver.

> Hi Pirmin,
>> Are there some examples, where I can look how such a hardware
>> abstraction server should be structurized?
> a good candidate is the existing GPIO driver for the i.MX53 platform
> located at repos/os/src/drivers/gpio/imx53. It shows well how to keep
> the three main concerns of a device-driver component well separated:
> * The device specification (i.e., the register layout) resided in
>   the header gpio.h, expressed in C++ types,
> * The driver logic is implemented in driver.h,
> * The glue with the Genode world is implemented main.cc
> The driver uses the MMIO framework, which is described in Section 8.15
> of the manual.

I will use this information, as soon I find the time to start the  

> Happy hacking!
> I'm off to the Hack'n'Hike for now :-)

I hope you had good weather conditions.

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