I2C / SPI drivers for the Raspberry Pi

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Fri May 22 09:28:09 CEST 2015

Hi Pirmin,

> Are there some examples, where I can look how such a hardware
> abstraction server should be structurized?

a good candidate is the existing GPIO driver for the i.MX53 platform
located at repos/os/src/drivers/gpio/imx53. It shows well how to keep
the three main concerns of a device-driver component well separated:

* The device specification (i.e., the register layout) resided in
  the header gpio.h, expressed in C++ types,
* The driver logic is implemented in driver.h,
* The glue with the Genode world is implemented main.cc

The driver uses the MMIO framework, which is described in Section 8.15
of the manual.

Happy hacking!

I'm off to the Hack'n'Hike for now :-)


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