Porting GNU libraries

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I don't know everything about Genode, but it sounds like I can maybe help
you. Libdl/dlfcn is part of glibc. You can download the source code here:
Genode includes a dynamic linker, so you could possibly implement the dlfcn
functions yourself (if you do so, please share your code), you could see if
someone who understands the dynamic linker better could do it, or you could
try to find a workaround. Note that Genode's libc does have dlfcn.h, but
the default implementation just gives an error message.

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 11:31 PM, Aditya Kousik <adit267.kousik at ...9...>

> Hello
> I'm trying to port libsqlite which is a dependency for another application
> (which I'm also trying to port). The build of this library is a one line
> compilation. But it requires a -ldl flag for dynamically loaded libraries
> (it uses dlopen() and dlfcn.h). I've tried getting the source for this, to
> no avail so far. Is there a way to link libraries directly from the linux
> host. Intuitively, that doesn't seem to work. Thoughts on how to move
> forward?
> Thanks and regards,
> Aditya
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