i.MX6 support

Martin Stein martin.stein at ...1...
Sun Mar 29 16:11:01 CEST 2015

Hi Madhu, Praveen,

On 27.03.2015 13:24, Praveen B wrote:>
> We have tested the ported code on SABRE Lite board and it is working,
> except that we need to change UART1 to UART2(0x021e8000).
> ...
> Apart from these typical configuration changes, we have verified that
> the image generated from this branch is working successfully on
> Sabrelite board. 

Cool, thank you for the quick feedback :) I'm glad that the port does
that well.

> Our default console for u-boot is UART2. We tried to see the output of
> Genode runscript on UART1(by keeping actual values for UART) also but
> for some reason we see a non-readable output on UART1. This serial port
> hardware do not have any issues, since we are able to use both the
> serial ports while running Linux, with same configuration on the same
> board. If you know of any possible reasons for enabling this to work
> correctly, please let us know.

If using UART1 is an issue for you, I would check the clock and power
management first. The HW kernel as it is, in contrast to Linux, doesn't
do any initialization regarding these aspects.

> Regarding RAM region, is it possible to set default values to 1 GB, as
> Sabre Lite is having only 1 GB RAM. Or is it possible to pass the
> size(along with the possible UART interface) as an option through a
> variable in Makefile?

On 28.03.2015 05:23, Madhu (Macaque Labs) wrote:
> What are are asking for (default UART, RAM size) are board specific
> features. can't these be added to files for board specific
> configuration ?

On 28.03.2015 16:27, Praveen B wrote:>
> We will follow Martin's suggestion of using a different board_base.h
> file for our board.

I think that would be the most desirable option. The generic parts of
both 'Board_base' classes should go to an additional header [1] as it is
also done for example by 'usb_armory' and 'imx53_qsb' (see [2]).


[1] 'base/include/platform/imx6/drivers/board_base_support.h'
[2] 'base/include/platform/imx53/drivers/board_base_support.h'

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