Help compiling Genode with other version of Fiasco.OC

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Wed Jan 28 04:47:32 CET 2015


I'm trying to compile Genode using another Fiasco.OC version. I'm using Fiasco.OC from snapshot(2014022815). I have added the etc/foc.conf file with

  L4_BUILD_DIR = /home/millo/l4re-snapshot-2014022815/src/l4/build
  KERNEL       = /home/millo/l4re-snapshot-2014022815/src/kernel/fiasco/build/fiasco

I have compiled the Fiaco.OC
   export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/genode-gcc/bin/
   export SYSTEM_TARGET=genode-x86-

On Fiasco.OC source folder:

   make BUILDDIR=build
   cd build
   make menuconfig
   make -j8

On L4Re source folder:

   make B=build
   make O=build SYSTEM_TARGET=genode-x86- menuconfig
   make O=build SYSTEM_TARGET=genode-x86- -j8

On L4Re building process get the error:

==> Linking dde26_test
undefined reference to `__emutls_v.__libc_errno'

Trying to build Genode for foc_x86 ignoring the L4Re error y got another error, and it seems that Genode is not using the new Fiasco.OC version
   make cleanall
   make run/printf

   make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/millo/GenodeOS/build/foc_x86_32'
   genode build completed
   using fiasco kernel /home/millo/GenodeOS/build/foc_x86_32/kernel/fiasco.oc/fiasco
   using sigma0/bootstrap at /home/millo/GenodeOS/build/foc_x86_32/l4
   cp: cannot stat `/home/millo/GenodeOS/build/foc_x86_32/l4/bin/x86_586/l4f/sigma0': No such file or directory

Somebody have tested Genode with another version of Fiasco.OC? I'm doing anything wrong?

Best regards

Lic. Reinier Millo Sánchez
Centro de Estudios de Informática
Universidad Central "Marta Abreu" de Las Villas

"antes de discutir ... respira;
   antes de hablar ... escucha;
  antes de escribir ... piensa;
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