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Fri Jan 9 08:29:35 CET 2015

Hello Reinier,

the configuration to use serial output from the Raspberry Pi is the same
like if you use Linux on top of it. Did you succeeded to run a
ready-made Linux SD-card image for your board? I would test it with e.g.
Raspian (Debian):

to exclude any hardware problems.


On 01/09/2015 02:23 AM, Reinier Millo Sánchez wrote:
> Hi Genode community
> I'm testing GenodeOS on the RaspberryPI. I have compiled and tested some
> examples using a modified QEMU emulator and real hardware. I'm trying to
> catch the serial output on real hardware. To catch the serial output,
> i'm using an Arduino bridge to read the serial output from RaspberryPI
> and send it to my computer. I have built a level shifter to transform
> the RaspberryPI 3.3v in 5v. I'm using the UART TX pin (GPIO 8) to get
> the serial output.
> When i have tested the examples, can't get the serial output on TX pin.
> Who can i get the serial output from RaspberryPI?
> Best regards
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