Serial Output on RaspberryPI

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I just used a USB to RPI serial adapter. It works perfectly for me.

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> Hi Genode community
> I'm testing GenodeOS on the RaspberryPI. I have compiled and tested some
> examples using a modified QEMU emulator and real hardware. I'm trying to
> catch the serial output on real hardware. To catch the serial output, i'm
> using an Arduino bridge to read the serial output from RaspberryPI and send
> it to my computer. I have built a level shifter to transform the
> RaspberryPI 3.3v in 5v. I'm using the UART TX pin (GPIO 8) to get the
> serial output.
> When i have tested the examples, can't get the serial output on TX pin.
> Who can i get the serial output from RaspberryPI?
> Best regards
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