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I'd like some advice on the Nix port.
Much of the user inteface side of Nix is Perl scripts, is Perl known not to
work with Noux at the moment, or has it just not been ported?

If Perl not available, I could just remove the Perl stuff the noux-pkg
build process. The Perl stuff is just frontends, and we really don't need
them to create packages, maybe if we were managing a persistant Noux setup,
but that would be best done with stacked archives managed outside Noux.

I would think the other possibility is to come up with a native Nix that
creates its own Noux environment for build processes.

Basically the requirements of Nix are traversing a readonly filesystem to
evaulate expressions, a temporary enviroment and filesystem for building
outputs, and a filesystem for storing outputs. There is also a database for
storing dependency information but I think that can be overlooked for now.

A hopefully easier question is assuming I get something working in Noux
right now, what is the best way to write out files generated during a
Genode run?

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