failure with run/noux_net_openssh_interactive

Josef Söntgen josef.soentgen at ...1...
Fri Jan 9 19:23:52 CET 2015

Hello Tim,

* Tim Newsham <tim.newsham at ...9...> [2015-01-09 07:50:06 -1000]:
> I am using 14.11 with its version of nova
> REV(nova) := 2b4f2803218cf92e2982b47a370d60b18bb78a15
> applying your patch fixes the boot time problems.
> Now it boots to bash.  When I tried to run an ssh command
> "ssh -p 1234 uptime" though, I got a fault:
> [init -> noux] replay: missing ds_info for dataspace at addr 0x2000
> unmapping of managed dataspaces not yet supported
> unmapping of managed dataspaces not yet supported
> no RM attachment (READ pf_addr=0 pf_ip=10f36b1 from a44fefc6 /bin/ssh)
> virtual void Genode::Signal_session_component::submit(Genode::Signal_context_capability,
> unsigned int): invalid signal-context capability
> static void Genode::Pager_object::_page_fault_handler(): unhandled
> page fault, 'pager:/bin/ssh' address=0x0 ip=0x10f36b1
> The noux-pkg/openssh/install/bin/ssh binary doesnt have any segments
> in the 0x10f36b1 range.

Our new ldso does not provides the '__progname' symbol that is used by
OpenSSH implicitly. There is a fix [1] but it is not yet on staging
because I want to update OpenSSH anyway. For now you can cherry-pick
the commit and rebuild the noux-pkg.



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