Netperf - faild error

Mohammad Hamad mhh.it1986 at ...9...
Wed Jan 7 14:32:10 CET 2015


I am trying  change the netperf_lwip. run file to make it suitable in my
test .

I would like to run netperf  only on RPI  and make it send request to the
local machine .
to get that :
- i update the netperf.c  in  contrib/netperfXX/sre/app/netperf/src
- i great new  .mk to get netperf  in prots/src/app
- and then I  changed the run file

when i test it , it compile correctly and  when it  start i got the
next messages

[init -> netperf_genode] DUMMY getpid(): getpid called , not implemented
[init -> netperf_genode] plugin() -> open("") failed.

which plugin it means?

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