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Fri Feb 6 10:10:17 CET 2015

Hi Roman,

welcome to the mailing list!

> we need a way to provide upstream library sources (i.e. the 
> "contrib"-directory) in an environment without internet access.
> In order to make this task reasonably comfortable, I miss three features 
> in the prepare tool:

I wonder if regular Unix tools could already safe your day. How about
the following workflow?

1. Clone the Genode repository on a machine with internet access:

   git clone

2. Prepare all packages using Genode's ports tools:

   cd genode
   ./tool/ports/list | xargs -ixxx ./tool/ports/prepare_port xxx

   Alternatively to using the output of the 'list' tool, you
   may maintain a file with the list of ports you actually need.

3. Archive the './contrib' directory:

   tar cfz contrib.tgz contrib

4. Transfer the 'contrib.tgz' archive to your machine that lacks
   internet access.

5. Extract the 'contrib.tgz' archive within in our genode directory.

   Alternatively, you may unarchive the 'contrib.tgz' to a location of
   your choice and create a symlink 'genode/contrib' pointing to the
   location where you unpacked the contrib archive.

Would that work for you?

Best regards

Dr.-Ing. Norman Feske
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