Develop Trustzone support for imx6

thong thong at ...323...
Tue Apr 28 04:01:04 CEST 2015

Hi Martin Stein,
Thank you very much for your kind help! It was very useful for me and 
after I found some differences about UART configuration and corrected 
it, I was able to see log messages about starting tz_vmm on Serial Terminal.

Hi Chirag Garg,
Thanks for your great work! It was very good starting point for me. I 
have tried your Normal world OS at

but what is output result to know your tz_vmm run successfully? Does it 
launch graphical GUI on touch screen or what log message on Serial 
In my try, it ended with a log message:

[init -> tz_vmm] SUPERVISOR CALL ..

If it has problem, please help me where should I take a look to solve.

Thank you very much and Best Regards,
--Thong Nguyen.

On 4/21/2015 8:24 PM, Martin Stein wrote:
> Hi Thong,
> On 21.04.2015 12:57, thong wrote:
>> Is that my board MX6Q SABRESD differs from SABRELITE causing this?
>> Please help me what I should do.
> Of course, this might be a problem. I'd suggest you to check the UART
> and the RAM configuration of Genode. For Sabrelite, both can be found in
> [1]. Maybe you're simply listening at another UART port.
> If you find differences, you should add a new platform 'hw_sabresd_tz'.
> What to do for that can be easily found by doing:
> find $GENODE_DIR/repos/ $GENODE_DIR/tool/ -wholename *sabrelite*
> grep -ri "sabrelite" $GENODE_DIR/repos/ $GENODE_DIR/tool/
> The new platform should make use of the less specific imx6 sources like
> it's done in the sabrelite sources.
> Cheers,
> Martin
> [1] $GENODE_DIR/repos/base/include/platform/sabrelite/drivers/board_base.h

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