Booting genode/nova

Alexander Boettcher alexander.boettcher at ...1...
Mon Jun 23 09:25:27 CEST 2014


On 22.06.2014 16:00, w_schmidt at ...181... wrote:
>> Without it the feature using our run script in conjunction with
>> Intel/AMT and switching easily between different test boxes (having
>> potentially all different I/O ports for serial devices) becomes pointless.
> Should the run script transfer code and start it automatically? On my 

Please read the chapter "Targeting real hardware via the run tool" of
the 13.05 release notes [0]. In a nutshell - you may setup your network
infrastructure (dhcp, tftp server) and your test machine to support
booting via network. Our run tool takes care to generate and put all
files in place so that they can be loaded by your test box without
manual intervention. If you once successfully managed to setup this it
is really really handy during for developing.

That means whatever scenario - described as a run script - you invoke on
your developer machine gets loaded and started on your test machine.
This even works cross platform (ARM, x86) and cross kernel (base-hw,
NOVA, Fiasco.OC, OKL4, Fiasco/L4, Pistachio) if you crafted your run
script carefully.

> After i compiled it now for nova_x86_64 and changed to your grub2 info i can 
> see something with amtterm.

Good :-)

Alex B.


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