Booting genode/nova

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Sun Jun 29 21:02:48 CEST 2014


More informal:

i have now a dhcp & ftp server.
I put configured to start pulsar as PXE.

Result - it doesn't work as expected.
In more detail:
I linked a /nova subdirectory to build. (or to build/nove_x86_64)
in the nova directory the runscript created a link named nova_x86_64 -> the 
path in the config_00... is therefore wrong).
I manually corrected it and linked correctly. Pulsar with PXE was still not 

Therefore i cheated. Instead of linking i inserted in the tool/run script a 
rm -r nova/var and a cp to copy the correct var directory to nova/var.
That worked.

Link to same directory -> boot not possible, copy of the var directory to 
/tftp.../nova/var-> remote system boots.

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