Booting genode/nova

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Sun Jun 22 16:00:40 CEST 2014

On 21.06.2014 18:42, w_schmidt at ...52... wrote:
>> I have no bender in the grub entry.

>Why not ? Whenever you invoke a run script it is added automatically to
>the resulting grub menu.lst respectively pulsar config file.

In this grub menu.lst bender is included.
If i try to start the remote X201, the machine only gets restarted, but 
boots its normal os using grub2.
Therefore i created an own grub2 and start the genode program manually.

>Without it the feature using our run script in conjunction with
>Intel/AMT and switching easily between different test boxes (having
>potentially all different I/O ports for serial devices) becomes pointless.

Should the run script transfer code and start it automatically? On my 
machines it only seems to restart the other box and tries to connect to 
That would be wonderful, ATM I 'm glad to see anything. :-)

> :-) - Don't make things complicated. Just stay close to the original
> grub menu.lst - for me works this on a recent Ubuntu 12.04 LTS grub 2
> installation:

cat << EOF
menuentry "Genode" {
     insmod ext2
     multiboot /genode/bender
     module /genode/hypervisor

Oh, i haven't tried to make it complicated... as you may have noticed Linux 
&grub are something quite unfamiliar to me. So i just "translated".. okay 
googleed  grub-kernel is now grub2 linux ...
After i compiled it now for nova_x86_64 and changed to your grub2 info i can 
see something with amtterm.

Thanxs & Best regards,

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