Booting genode/nova

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somehow can't read your email offline. Therefore no quotation.

I originally updated both the BIOS and the AMT Firmware of the x201 because 
without the update some of the menus where only shown as not available.
The BIOS version is 1.40 (6QET70WW) (2012-10-11) with embedded controller 
1.15 and Boot agent 1.3.51 / PXE-2.1 089.
The IME BIOS version is / ME

>To sanity check this - you may comment out everything beside 'bender' in 
>the grub

Maybe that is the core of the problem. I have no bender in the grub entry.

On the x201 I have ubuntu12.04 with grub2. I tired to use the menu.lst which 
was in var/run/demo/boot/grub/menu.lst, but it hasn't worked. (and as the 
"legacy/classic mode seems to made problems, i decided to create a grub 2 

Therefore i created an boot entry for grub2 for genode like :

cat << EOF
menuentry "Genode" {
    insmod ext2
    multiboot /genode/hypervisor iommu serial
which bootet the genode demo on nova without an error.

The kernel command from grub1 is no longer supported.
So I tried now :
cat << EOF
menuentry "Genode" {
    insmod ext2
    linux /genode/bender
    multiboot /genode/hypervisor iommu serial

Which results only in "invalid magic number".

Also tried things like "linux /genode/bender root=/dev/sda6" ( i put the 
morbo file in a /genode directory which is on sda6, root is on sda9, boot on 

ATM i found no hint how to include bender in grub2. ( i found the 50_genode 
file from you ( 
 )  - also no bender)
Are there files needed at a special place?

Best regards,

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