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On 20.06.2014 21:08, w_schmidt at ...181... wrote:
> I also tried the following:
> - I created a partition with genode on the x201 where the demo boots from.
> - from first I triggered RUN_OPT="--target amt" make run/demo
> - on the x201 i manually selcted the genode demo in grub and started it.
> On the first pc the last output which is seen is:
>    serial-over-lan redirection ok
>    connected now, use ^] to escape
> And nothing afterwards.
>> If this works amtterm can be invoked by
>>    user> amtterm -u admin -p <your password>
>> and should give you a connection.
> Must something be configured while building a genode/nova system so that 
> output COM3 is used?

We use 'bender' part of 'morbo'[0] which detects at runtime the I/O
ports of the Intel/AMT SOL device on the target x201 machine and reports
it via the BDA (BIOS data area) to the Nova kernel and Genode's 'core'.
So there is no need to configure something manually.

To sanity check this - you may comment out everything beside 'bender' in
the grub menu.lst respectively in the pulsar config file (see
repos/base-nova/run/env - there the files get generated). Then you
should see on the x201 display the output of bender - hopefully -
reporting about a serial device and the respective I/O ports.

By any chance - can you check that you have the latest BIOS version of
the x201 installed? We use 1.40 and updated all our x201 test boxes

 From you description it sounds like that you close to be done. If
nothing helps you may also try some newer versions of the amttools [1] -
according to the changelog they fixed some issues. However, we at Genode
use until now just version 1.3 with no major problems so far.

Hope it helps - good look,

Alex B.


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