Announcement: Genode OS Framework version 14.02 released

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Fri Feb 28 16:06:18 CET 2014

Hi Norman,

Thanks for the quick reply and for the link to the LiveCD discussion.

I can see that once there is a LiveCD out to show the new feature like
Virtualbox then that will definitely promote more popularity as most people
like to see things in action before diving into the code. I have found that
people like this a lot as it gives them a chance to imagine how the LiveCD
features and aspects could possibly fit into their own projects and goals.

I looked at the live system link that you provided and am eagerly looking
forward to seeing that system in operation.

If I also might make a suggestion that I think would help, then I would
like to suggest that you also publish a "howto" on building the LiveCD
(live system once it is ready) from the sources in a step-by-step approach
as most folks that are interested in something new first want to see a
LiveCD and then most of them are interested in being able to very easily
replicate the building of the LiveCD, for example, as a first step towards
their own systems and/or enhancements.

I have noticed that if folks cannot get through these steps easily then
their interest seems to waver to other projects that they can demonstrate
this, and I think that the reason is because the first steps are
exploratory for them which gives them a indication as to how difficult a
system might be to work with.

Even if the code easily compiles from sources, but there is no LiveCD (live
system to explore) then the general inference is that "it" is to hard to
work with and people tend to move on.

Just my opinion, but if Genode wants to become a general OS then the
psychological aspects will definitely come into play as a major factor in
the growth and popularity of a system.

As for mysef, I look forward to seeing the Live System when it is ready.

Kind Regards and have a great day,

On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 9:40 AM, Norman Feske
<norman.feske at ...1...>wrote:

> Thanks Lonnie for your feedback!
> > This is wonderful news about the latest Genode 14.02  with all of these
> > great improvements.
> >
> > I saw the sources out at sourceforge, but was also wondering if there
> > was a livecd or democd available so that I could explore some of these
> > new things before having to go through the build process?
> there is no live CD unfortunately. Most parts of the release are not
> end-user-facing features but rather geared towards developers who build
> systems with Genode. The best way to explore them is to try out the
> various new run scripts cited in the release documentation, and to start
> tinkering. :-)
> Regarding the live system, there exists a topic at our issue tracker:
> We are actively working on the various outstanding issues brought up in
> the discussion but are hesitant to release a live system to a wider
> audience with the remaining open points unresolved.
> Best regards
> Norman
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