iwlwifi for 7260 card: DMA memory allocation fails

Christian Menard christian.menard at ...104...
Thu Dec 4 16:34:52 CET 2014

Hi Josef,

> congratulation, that is great indeed! May I ask what “very reasonable
> performance” means? We are currently experiencing some performance
> issues when transmitting frames on 6300 cards while receiving frames
> is okayish.

I just noticed that I only looked on the speed for receiving (~8 Mbit/s). I 
did the test again for sending and got 700 - 800 kbit/s. The numbers also 
appear different after I did a test with Linux for comparison, it showed up to 
90 Mbit/s receiving.

I don't know if it has a relevant meaning, but I also get a lot of messages 
"dev_error: Current Rate is not valid"


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