iwlwifi for 7260 card: DMA memory allocation fails

Josef Söntgen josef.soentgen at ...1...
Fri Dec 5 12:47:01 CET 2014

Hi Christian,

On 12/04/14 16:34, Christian Menard wrote:
> I just noticed that I only looked on the speed for receiving (~8 Mbit/s). I-
> did the test again for sending and got 700 - 800 kbit/s. The numbers also-
> appear different after I did a test with Linux for comparison, it showed up to- 
> 90 Mbit/s receiving.

That is about the same performance we are currently getting on the 6300
cards. It is certainly useable if you use the driver for i.e., browsing
the WWW as a client but it would be desirable to match the receiving
performance also when sending data.

> I don't know if it has a relevant meaning, but I also get a lot of messages-
> "dev_error: Current Rate is not valid"

It is related because in this case the driver only uses the lowest rate
possibly to transmit frames which limits the overall bandwidth. To be
honest I do not comprehend the whole rate scaling mechanism so far but 
I am looking into that it at the moment.

All in all we are currently working on getting the driver to perform
better so bear with us :-)


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